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Garage Door/Wall Mount Brackets for Track Saw Guide Rails

Garage Door/Wall Mount Brackets for Track Saw Guide Rails

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Your guide rail for your track saw is expensive and it can be difficult to store it safely and efficiently. 

These mounting brackets help you reclaim space in your shop by utilizing the metal structure on your garage door.

There are no moving parts and the design securely holds your rail in place.

Mounting brackets are compatible with Makita, Festool, Milwaukee, Kreg ASC, Wen, Powertec, & Grizzly tracks. Ryobi & Bosch have a different design (please choose).

***Does not accommodate Kreg Accu-Cut, Kreg RipCut, or Dewalt***

These are an excellent way to mount your tracks to your garage door or shop walls. Unlike many others, there are no moving parts but these are held firmly in place.

This is not recommended for mounting in a moving vehicle. Recommended installation is on a garage door or fixed wall.

Small Track (39in - 1000mm): 2 Standard Size
Medium Track (55in - 1400mm): 2 Standard Size
Long Track (118in - 3000 mm): 3 Standard Size

Kit includes self-tapping screws for sheet metal. If you are mounting to a different substrate, you will need to provide your own hardware. Buyer is responsible for verifying that hardware is capable of supporting the track and screws will not damage item to which it is attached.

They are printed in Prusa Galaxy Black PETG.

*This does not include the track.

**This model was designed by HuntingtonBuilds and is officially licensed to Wittworks to sell.

***Please not that this is a 3D printed product, the finish will be consistent with 3D printed products and is not completely smooth.

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