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Track Saw Dust Cover Compatible with Kreg

Track Saw Dust Cover Compatible with Kreg

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This fits the Kreg ACS Track Saw.

Almost all track saw manufacturers have made an inadvertent mistake. They've left a hole in the side of the blade enclosure that diminishes the maximum dust extraction capabilities.

You spent a lot of money on your track saw, and you should NOT have to resort to putting ducktape on the side of your saw just to get great dust extraction!

My 3D-printed cap snaps firmly into the arbor hole on your track saw and is easily removed for the times that you need to access the arbor bolt for a blade change. The matching brand color makes it look like it came from the factory and no one will ever know it's a 3rd party accessory.

With your track saw hooked up to a dust extractor, paired with my cap, you can stop breathing in hazardous 0.3 micron sawdust that is escaping your track saw and work with confidence in your health.

I ship the next business day (sometimes the same day if you order before noon) and guarantee a PERFECT fit.

This fits the Kreg ACS Track Saw. The blue is an exact match to Kreg's blue and is printed with high-quality USA-made Proto-Pasta HTPLA. They snap into place and fit snug.

A note on fitment: the cap is made to fit very tight at first. It may be difficult to snap in at first, but over time it will loosen up as the tabs wear slightly. If it's too tight, you can take sandpaper or a file and gently sand down the tabs until you get a friction fit. If for whatever reason it's not fitting properly, I am happy to send you an adjusted cap that will.


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