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TSO Parallel Guide Holder (Vertical)

TSO Parallel Guide Holder (Vertical)

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The only negative thing about TSO's Parallel Guides is that they can be a pain to store

These TPG Holders securely hold your TSO TPG set by supporting the foot and holding the side rails at the same time.

The simple design has no moving parts, so you can place them in and take them out with one hand. 

We've also included convenient storage for your included tool and rods.

They are printed with PRUSA PETG so they can withstand extreme temperature swings in your shop and have the perfect amount of springiness and flex to them.

And if you're still reading, you'll love this: we included a center line on both the top and bottom pieces so you can easily draw a plumb vertical line and line up the pieces perfectly on your wall.

A single set includes both the top and bottom holders and will hold any length of a TPG set. You get a discount when you buy two or more sets.

If you need to store them horizontally instead of vertically, we have that option here.

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