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Walnut Hand Sanding Blocks (Limited Edition)

Walnut Hand Sanding Blocks (Limited Edition)

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Traditional hand-sanding blocks drive me crazy. It's too difficult for me to attach sandpaper without getting slop and movement. This 5" sanding block paired with the right paper fixes that.

This block is based off of Mike Taylor's design and utilizes 5" 3M Cubitron II 775L PSA paper. Peel the backing sticker off and attach it in under 3 seconds.

The 6mm black foam backing pad provides the right amount of subtle cushioning to account for micro deflections in your surface.

Also, they're beautifully made from American Black Walnut and the grit is laser engraved into the top.

Each block comes with 1 Cubitron II sanding disc already attached. Buy 5" refills here.

***Blank does NOT come with a paper disc.***

Blocks are 5" x 3" x 1.5"

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